Digital Singles

by Jan Van de Engel

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released January 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Jan Van de Engel Αθήνα, Greece

"ΓΙΑΝ ΒΑΝ” (JAN VAN) is Jan Van de Engel's new project band.
Jan Van de Engel is the pseudonym Greek drummer Giannis Angelopoulos uses for the music he writes. Having studied in Holland, Rotterdam’s Conservatory, the name (Jan Van…) is a playful translation from Greek to Dutch of his name. In November 2010 the debut CD album “Misspent” was released via the independent label 64 millimeters. ... more

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Track Name: Φάνταζες σαν Πριγκιπέσα
Έμαθα πολλά μικρό μου
που ζαλίζουν το μυαλό μου

Πως γλεντούσες στον Περαία
μαυρομάτα μου κι ωραία

Φάνταζες σαν πριγκιπέσα
μα με πρόδινες μπαμπέσα

Σε περίμενα ο καημένος
όλη νύχτα μαραμένος
Track Name: Μα, Με, Μου
Μέσ' το σκοτάδι της πόλης
ποιά γωνιά της δεν έχεις γνωρίσει
Μισ' άνοιχτο παράθυρο, κλέβω τη χαρά σου
λάμπω στα βουρκωμένα μάτια σου
Θα ξαναπεράσω, θα ξαναπερνώ

Χαράματα, άδεια λεωφορεία & ταξί
Θυμάμαι όλους τους τόπους που ποτέ δεν πήγα
όλα τα φιλιά που ποτέ δεν σου έδωσα
Ξανά και πάλι και ξανά
Δευτέρα, Τρίτη, Τετάρτη, βδομάδα, μήνας…σε λίγο

- Συνήθως δεν αργείς, τι έγινε σήμερα;
- Κίνηση
Χέρια βουβά, κούφια μπράτσα
Track Name: Slick - ft. Christos Passalis
Your mind will crash when all you got is cash

count, pack, stuck, store,
touch, feel, smell, hold,
take, snatch, pinch, steal,
lie, cheat, trick, kill

When all I want is more you'll get less and less
well, all I want is more this is me obsessed
Track Name: Pleaser - ft, MC Yinka
You are talking so loud I can't hear what you say
What's the matter with you, you were never this way
I hate to be a part of all that, please don't pull me down

Now you say it's all my bad (responsibilities divide in half)
Guess you're right I allowed your greed to thrive
You will play me till I snap, file down my behavior on a chart

Time will tell what is taught
Reveal what is kept (not always though)
I can not really wait for all that
Time (ones again) teases me on its pass
Now is what an all I got
a mouth to shout, a pulse to dance
sticks and stones in my pot
All I got is to say, say what I got

All you gotta say
You gotta say, you gotta say
All you gotta say you got